Our Approach

Business and consumer marketplaces are interesting and exciting spaces, notoriously difficult to predict and equally hard to satisfy. In the enthusiasm to woo consumers to our offerings, we often mistake which marketplace buyers are ideally suited for our wares.  If we begin with this mistake, then we’ll not attract the right buyers, our efforts will be over-labored and our results weaker.

In consulting engagements we often encounter business leaders whose passion to engage the marketplace has clouded reasonable judgement, driving them to make unsuitable marketplace overtures, even designing products and solutions for audiences that don’t exist.

What we do is help you identify problems in the marketplace that need solving, then establish a strategy to find and attract your ideal customers. Digital marketing is relatively straight forward, but is often approached without regard to focus and simplicity.

As part of our workshops, consulting and digital marketing services, we work with you to reset your approach, first assessing which problems you are trying to solve.  Determining who the most suitable target for your offering and for your business is, we then take a lean and simple approach to create a baseline digital platform to attract and engage your target audience.

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